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Jimco Inc is an industrial scrap company committed to servicing our customers’ scrap metal, rail car dismantling and demolition (C-21 State of California License) requirements.   At Jimco Inc, we conduct our business operations with the fullest regards to each customer’s needs, while providing high returns and the best of service.  Our top of the line machinery, transportation fleet, equipment, processing crew, and management are among the finest in the Southern California area. With over 150 years combined experience in different fields and operations within the scrap metal, refinery, demolition, and railroad industry, Jimco's management offers a broad range of knowledge and expertise that provides its customers with high returns, reliable services, and operational efficiencies. Headquartered in Montebello, CA, Jimco Inc. is one of the largest ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal handlers and processors in Southern California, and provides rail car dismantling services for the Western, Central, and Southern regions of the United States. 

Led by President James H. Wilson, Jimco Inc. opened its doors to business August 7, 2000, and has since enjoyed healthy growth, largely due to its honest, loyal, and knowledgeable management team.  James Wilson started Jimco Inc. after serving as executive vice president of Damille Metal Supply, where he was solely responsible for diversifying the company into the fields of rail car dismantling, demolition, and servicing the oil and gas sectors. Before his career began in the steel industry, he worked along side his friend and father in law Michael Landon in Los Angeles. 

On July 17, 2002, Jimco Inc. partnered with Mitsui and founded Jim  H. Wilson, LLC. as a rail car dismantling company servicing the Southern United States.  Jim H. Wilson,LLC was located in Sequin, TX until 2010. In September 2010  Jim H. Wilson moved to Harwood, TX.   


James Wilson serves as President and Chief Executive Officer.



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