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Jim H. Wilson, LLC


In 2010 Jimco, Inc. purchased a 32 acre parcel in Harwood, Texas. We developed the property into one of the largest rail car dismantling facilities in the country. We continue to expand our operation, grow our customer base, and market our scrap into numerous steel mills in the United States and Mexico.



Jim H. Wilson LLC’s core business is rail car and locomotive dismantling.  It has taken years of hard work and dedication to build our reputation as a premier rail car dismantler.  We now service a large portion of the rail industry and have the knowledge and ability to dismantle any type of rail car including tank, hopper, flat, box, and auto racks.  Our customers include Union Tank, TTX, Union Pacific, Wells Fargo Rail, BNSF, Southwest Rail, Pan American Railway, among others.  In addition to dismantling rail cars, we service rail car repair facilities, refineries, oilfields, and steel service centers.  No scrap dealer can service all of Texas’s scrap requirements better than Jim H. Wilson with our fleet of trucks, roll-off containers, tilt hoppers, portable cranes, and dedicated customer service representatives.


Our Harwood, Texas facility is located on the TXGN short line (70 miles east of San Antonio), which is serviced by the Union Pacific.  The yard is a state of the art 32 acre facility with the capacity to receive a full unit train at one time and the capability to dismantle 15-20 rail cars per day.



There is a rail car cleaning facility immediately adjacent to our yard that shares the same TXGN spur.    Most rail car cleaning facilities are combined with a repair shop but do not have the knowledge, experience, or ability to dismantle rail cars on their way to be retired causing the rail car owner or lessee to incur additional freight to their dismantler of choice.  Accordingly, the Jim H. Wilson facility provides an opportunity for our customers to avoid spending money on costly repair work to make their cars rail worthy for a last move into a rail car dismantling facility.  Typically, customers save a minimum of $1000 per car in freight charges plus the money the car owner or lessee would have to pay to make the car rail safe to make its last journey.



Jim H. Wilson also offers a parts return program to our customers.  Some of our customers want the parts that can be reused removed from their cars and shipped to designated rail car refurbishing companies.  Each customer has their own lay down area for their parts which insures that each customer’s parts will not be mingled with another customer’s parts.  This program provides significant added salvage value to the car owners.



Jim H. Wilson’s prices are always competitive and are based upon current market prices or American Metal Market formula prices.

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