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Jimco Inc. 


  • Demotion C-21- Jimco Inc is a State of California licensed contractor, under the classification of  C-21Building Moving and Demolition.  This license allows Jimco to perform on site demolition, clean  up, and cold / hot cutting for its customers. Jimco Inc. Will supply the appropriate roll off boxes to dispose of the demolished materials. 

  • Industrial Scrap Operations-With extensive experience handling and processing different ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal products Jimco offers a broad range of knowledge and expertise that provides its customers with high returns, reliable services, and operational efficiencies.


Jimco's relationships with domestic mills, export and domestic shipping yards, and foundry material outlets reciprocates to our customers by means of high returns and honest / trustworthy service.


Jimco offers a reliable next day pickup service, and provides its customers with top of the line roll off boxes, a new fleet of trucks, and professional drivers that reflect positively on our customers’ yards and operations.

  • Usable Material

  • Railcar Dismantling-With state of the art rail car dismantling facilities in Southern
    California and  Texas, Jimco Inc. has the ability to  dismantle well over 3,000 cars per  year at each facility.  Jimco's rail car dismantling team has decades of  experience which directly results in  efficient operations and dependable service.

Jimco Inc.’s strategic locations allow us to access strong domestic and export mill and foundry markets, which provide
Jimco Inc. with the ability to offer our customers the most competitive pricing structures in the market. 

 At Jimco Inc. we take extreme care in removing, handling, and storing all wheel sets and parts. We take pride in sending these wheels and parts to reconditioning shops in the condition in which they arrived at our facility.  To best serve our customers desires, Jimco Inc. offers its customers wheel and part programs, in which we return wheels and parts to our customers for a minimal handling fee.  

Jimco California Railyard

Jimco California Railyard

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